Getting Started In The App Business

With the billions in revenue that app markets have generated for businesses over the years, it’s no wonder that so many entrepreneurs are working in their own app. However, if you’re looking to cash in on the ongoing gold rush, you’ve got a lot of obstacles to overcome. Here, we’ll look at some essential steps to getting started in the app niche.


How Apps Are Changing the Way You Recharge?

The online world has made life exponentially easier and filled with some of the great benefits! Even about a decade back when it came to mobile recharges or recharging for your DTH bills and the like a customer had to take all the effort to walk-up to a retail store or the DTH service provider and activate a recharge pack or deal that was on offer keeping in mind his/her specific account needs or details.

How Apps Are Changing the Way You Recharge?

25 Best iPhone Apps For 2016

With the increasing number of apps on the market, it becomes very difficult to get the most exciting and useful apps on your phone. In the list below, we provide you with the features of the 25 best iPhone apps that you must have on your phone this year.

25 Best iPhone Apps For 2016

8 of the Best MAC OS X Apps to Kick Off 2016

You need a variety of apps to improve your productivity and do things more efficiently. It isn’t always the case that you have to spend a lot of money to increase the efficiency of your Mac OS X system. Many of the apps mentioned here are free or have a very affordable price. You can take a look at the following 8 best Mac OS X apps for 2016 that are useful and do not cost too much to afford.

8 of the Best MAC OS X Apps to Kick Off 2016

2016 New #Android #Apps recent introductionsa

The year 2016 has been a year of various apps introductions that include social messaging apps, food apps, movie database apps, device management apps, and many more that assist you in your daily life and also those that keep you engaged in your free time with your mobile. Let us check out the 2016 new android apps.

2016 New Android Apps recent introductions

Switching from Google Chrome to Mozilla Firefox on Android

I am one lover of Google Chrome! I use it on every device I own. It is my default browser all over, and I always have reasons as to why I choose it over all other browsers.Firefox is a really good browser too. But I have always ignored it. Sometimes I have tried to use it say for a week, gave up, then went back to using Chrome.The reason I really love Chrome is because of the power it has to sync, to remember all my account and to be capture my history from in-app browsers that use the engine.

Switching from Google Chrome to Mozilla Firefox on Android

20 Best Chromecast apps you need to download

Google’s Chromecast is a £30 dongle that can do so much more than play BBC iPlayer and old YouTube videos. It’s a device that’s brimming with potential, and there are plenty of clever, little-known apps that can turn it into an amazing entertainment device.