A Simple Guide To Streaming

The internet has changed our behavior in a myriad of ways. We no longer write letters; we send Facebook messages. We no longer study with books; we head to Google. And, in some cases, we no longer watch television; we stream.



Getting Started In The App Business

With the billions in revenue that app markets have generated for businesses over the years, it’s no wonder that so many entrepreneurs are working in their own app. However, if you’re looking to cash in on the ongoing gold rush, you’ve got a lot of obstacles to overcome. Here, we’ll look at some essential steps to getting started in the app niche.


Business And Tech: A Match Made In Heaven

It’s pretty fair to say that the current generation has been pretty much defined by technology. We now use it as part of just about every aspect of our daily lives from shopping to communication. Of course, whatever changes there are in the daily lives of everyday people, that’s going to be reflected in the progression of the modern business world.


Tech Security Solutions for a Budding Startup

When you take charge of a startup, you have to understand that security matters. And some of the biggest problems can be solved by technology. That’s why it’s important to look at how you can give your company better tech security solutions. Use some of the ideas below to make your business more secure right away.


The Hottest “Radio” Trends to Take Note of

Radio technology remains one of the most notable innovations of the 20th century. The revolutionary technology enabled people to listen to broadcasters– right from the comfort of their homes and cars.

The Hottest “Radio” Trends to Take Note of

Hands-on with 25 iMessage #Apps for iOS 10

Rather than introduce chatbots into its Messages messaging app, Apple has elected to bolster the app with app extensions called iMessage apps in iOS 10, which Apple is making available to everyone today.

Hands-on with 25 iMessage apps for iOS 10