Business And Tech: A Match Made In Heaven

It’s pretty fair to say that the current generation has been pretty much defined by technology. We now use it as part of just about every aspect of our daily lives from shopping to communication. Of course, whatever changes there are in the daily lives of everyday people, that’s going to be reflected in the progression of the modern business world.


Can neural networks help make air traffic control safer?

A new data compression method promises to make airborne collision avoidance systems more reliable and efficient.

Tech would use drones and insect biobots to map disaster areas

The idea would be to release a swarm of sensor-equipped biobots – such as remotely controlled cockroaches – into a collapsed building or other dangerous, unmapped area,” says Edgar Lobaton, an assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering at NC State and co-author of two papers describing the work.


Vital to a low carbon future, smart energy systems also form a central pillar of most smart city visions. But there is a yawning gap between the rhetoric and current practice that needs to be bridged if all the promised markets (for smart technologies, data analytics, control algorithms, demand response services) are to emerge and thrive.

Industry 4.0: 3 Reasons why China Might Lead the Charge

Compared to more developed Western economies with a 200-year head start, China has industrialized incredibly quickly. As a result of being the world’s assembly line, the People’s Republic has a reputation for producing tons of industrial emissions and generally not participating in international pacts with the goal of reducing such emissions.

Industry 4.0: 3 Reasons why China Might Lead the Charge