5 Big Tech Trends That Will Make This Election Look Tame

If you think this election is insane, wait until 2020.I want you to imagine how, in four years’ time, technologies like AI, machine learning, sensors and networks will accelerate. Political campaigns are about to get hyper-personalized thanks to advances in a few exponential technologies.



Three Technologies That Unexpectedly Changed How We Live

Most people think that technology is a linear process. It starts off along one avenue, and then it takes one step at a time, gradually improving. As a result, we expect that in the future, we’ll have better phones and plusher cars. But is this how technological progress actually works?


5 #Future #Technologies Poised to Revolutionize the #AutoIndustry

Although North American auto sales totaled 16.5 million for 2014, and are likely to exceed that number for 2015, growth in other global markets haven’t been as good or as consistent. Automakers and original equipment manufacturers (OEM) aren’t letting slower sales outside North America to deter them from investing in new technologies to drive the future innovation of the auto industry.

5 Future Technologies Poised to Revolutionize the Auto Industry